Interviewing Sophie

Interviewing Sophie

by Administrator 04-10-2017
An interview with Sophie the erotic masseur At Art Massage Madrid, we specialize in erotic massage and our erotic masseuses are not only highly qualified but also very beautiful. We have a stringent selection process for all the candidates because we know our clients only want the best when it comes...
Tips for a good erotic massage

Tips for a good erotic massage

by Administrator 04-10-2017
How to have the best erotic massage experience A massage is basically a good way to relax your body and calm your mind but an erotic massage goes beyond that. An erotic massage is a great way to connect with the other party emotionally and physically while incorporating some elements of foreplay. An...
Erotic massage and 5 more plans in Barcelona

5 top things to do on tour in Barcelona

by Administrator 22-08-2017
Barcelona is a city in which you will find lots of attractions that will make your stay worth the while. Whether you are talking about buildings, gardens, art galleries, restaurants, hair salons, concerts or cocktail bars, you will find them here. You are a straight woman looking to have the time of...
madrid healthy massage

How to have a healthy life in Madrid

by Administrator 13-07-2017
Many people are looking for ways to live a healthy life. While there are many formulae that have been presented on how to live healthy, it isn’t rocket science. Simple steps like taking an erotic massage in Madrid can be very beneficial. Here are some of the ways to have a healthy life:   Practice...
barcelona night massage

The best night in Barcelona

by Administrator 11-07-2017
Barcelona is among the few countries that never sleeps. You will have a good time enjoying sightseeing and shopping throughout the day, but the real fun begins when the night falls, as the city is full of so many bars, casinos, clubs, and restaurant. Here is how you can spend your night in Barcelona...
tips to erotic massage

7 tips for your first erotic massage

by Administrator 09-05-2017
Erotic massage is different from normal massage because of its area of focus. An Erotic masseuse works on different parts of the body to trigger sexual excitation. Outcall massage is usually performed for pleasure and can help treat various sexual health problems you might have. With tantric massage,...
Things to enjoy in Madrid

Things you can enjoy In Madrid

by Administrator 03-04-2017
Madrid, the city of tourism, is the best to visit in spring. Reasons are, that it is warm in the spring season and cold and dry in the winter season. In short, every season in Madrid is worth living for. Holidays? Want to have fun? Here let us suggest you 5 major sports, tourist places, food, theaters...
Erotic massages in Málaga and other great plans

5 plans in Malaga you cannot miss

by Administrator 30-03-2017
If you are a resident or visitor in Malaga, cold winters can be very forbidding. It is worse when the weather is colder than normal. However, this doesn’t mean that you should stay low and cold, locked up in your house. There are a number of leisure alternatives you can take to have a wonderful...
Our erotic masseuse's favorite lingerie brands


by Administrator 10-03-2017
No matter what profession you belong to, you tend to have a particular dress code or uniform to make you stand out, of the crowd. What about our masseuses? Well we believe in the ultimate added beauty of high fashion lingerie. Lingerie adds that extra edge and excitement to...
César, male masseur for women and couples

Interviewing Cesar, male masseur for women

by Administrator 10-02-2017
Madrid is world famous for being a city that embraces all types of people and facilitates them in every way possible for leisure and entertainment. Erotic Massages are considered as the ultimate epitome of relaxation and a breakthrough from all the frustration and stress of life, and many people avail...
Male masseur Barcelona: the best complement to MWC

Mobile World Congress Day and Night: Enjoy the experience with the male masseur in Barcelona

by Administrator 25-01-2017
The MWC is one of the fairs that has the most impact on the economy and is that every year increases the audience attending this fair. The truth is that there are many reasons that result in this increase and is not only something that can help us greatly improve our business. It allows us to keep abreast...
Sports, erotic massages and other activities to practice In Madrid

Sports, erotic massages and other activities to practice In Madrid

by Administrator 23-12-2016
Madrid has been one of the world’s leading holiday vacations with numerous tourist attractions all over the city. But as a tourist, many will opt for historical sightings rather than the outsides. There is more to Madrid other than the charming people and amazing architecture, and this may come...
Erotic Massages and other Christmas Gifts in Barcelona

Erotic Massages and other Christmas Gifts in Barcelona

by Administrator 21-12-2016
Physical gifts have been a tradition; I guess since the three wise men. It has been practiced over and over to the point of no return. Gifting has become a matter of size and not what comes from the heart. Isn't it time we went back to these golden old days? Is it not better to have gifts that we cherish...
The best hotels in Marbella to enjoy a good couple massage

Best Hotels in Marbella

by Administrator 19-12-2016
Spain is a must-go Europe destination and has always been for years. From the delightful views to the multicultural people there is a lot to see, learn enjoy and take home with you at the end of your vacation. However, when it comes to one of the world's leading destinations, the problem might not be...
Tips for your first couple massage

Your first erotic message? Tips for your first time getting a couple massage in Barcelona

by Administrator 28-11-2016
If you have decided to try a couple massage in Barcelona, we are going to give you some advice so that you can enjoy it a lot more. Pay attention to them, as they come from our professionals of the erotic masseur in Barcelona and we are sure that they will be of the most useful for you to enjoy this...
Caresses for the best couple massage in Madrid

The essence of eroticism: Caresses for a couple massage in Madrid

by Administrator 21-11-2016
Many people who, over time, fall into the routine in the sex life and this is what causes more infidelity, break couples or simply that we cannot enjoy this moment of intimacy as we deserve. That's why we wanted to talk to our professionals in the couple massage in Madrid and see what the advice they...
Running and sexual life

Running And Sexual Life

by Administrator 17-11-2016
Sport is something that we do very well to improve health. We work different systems and this makes us have better overall health. However, running offers us much more than just better health: running allows us to improve our sex life for several reasons. We tell you how running, according to our professionals...
Relieve tensions with the best outcall massage in Barcelona

Relieve your tensions with the best outcall massage in Barcelona

by Administrator 14-11-2016
The day-to-day we are subjected to is something that does not just go very well for our health. We accumulate many tensions and, the truth is that they are not easy to release. Many people spend part of their time playing sports, but others do not have much time or the desire to do so. That is why we...
Couple massage and other tips to improve sex life

Couple massage in Valencia: tips to improve your sex life

by Administrator 07-11-2016
We are becoming more and more concerned about health, and it seems strange that on many occasions we do not end up worrying about our sexual health. This is something we always discuss with the professionals of the couple massage in Valencia; and, it is that few people know how to have stable, healthy...
Best erotic literature and massages

Beyond 50 Shades Of Grey

by Administrator 28-10-2016
The novel 50 Shades of Grey and its subsequent films have had great success, and it should be noted that the details of the books are well represented in the plots of the movies, so nothing has been overlooked. But, the truth is that consulting and speaking with professional masseurs, there are many...
Couple massages in Barcelona, it's all about benefits

Couples Massage In Barcelona: All benefits

by Administrator 21-10-2016
Going out to a party, have a drink or to the movies are leisure options for couples to do in their free time, but the truth is that this does not offer anything new. These activities are what we do most of the time as a couple or with friends, but there is something that can be done to improve the relationship....
Marbella beyond the summer

Marbella after summer: erotic massages are a great alternative

by Administrator 14-10-2016
When you hear about Marbella, the things that you hear about most are related to summer activities that usually are in the summer months. But, what we want to stand out and show you is that Marbella is a place with a lot to offer, even after summer is over. We want to tell you about the alternatives...
Enjoy the best erotic massage in Mallorca

Erotic Massage in Mallorca: an alternative in autumn

by Administrator 07-10-2016
Mallorca is an island where you can enjoy a lot of different activities through all the months of the year. It is true that, many people visit this island, knowing everything that there is to do during the summer months, but it is also true that there is a lot more to do in Mallorca. From pleasant walks...
Male masseurs homosexuals, bisexuals, and heterosexuals.

Male masseurs, am I a homosexual?

by Administrator 14-08-2015
It is a doubt that anybody can have at any moment of the life, especially in the puberty or adolescence when one is in the middle of the development of the sexuality. For this stage of doubt the best advice which can be provided by a male masseur is not to get stressed or not to persist in that, you...
Summer, relax and erotic massages

Summer, relax and erotic massages

by Administrator 07-08-2015
Many are the people, who are on holiday at present, and other have already enjoyed and many others have little time ahead to enjoy them. Whatever it is your case, the erotic massages are ideal not only for holidays, they are for this wonderful summer season. Summer offers tranquillity very proper of...
Interactive tantric massages

Interactive tantric massages

by Administrator 07-08-2015
Tantric massages, in general, are those which are the most sensible and where sensuality intervenes in a more marked way; they are usually offered on the whole body although there are also some others that are offered in a determined especially erogenous area with the aim of stimulating it and achieving...
Erotic massage moment

Erotic massage, it is your moment!

by Administrator 31-12-2014
The massages are to enjoy, they are to take advantage of them at the maximum, and without any doubts it happens the same with the erotic massages offered by male masseurs or erotic masseuses. In the erotic massages you could ejaculate if you want, you could have an erection, you could enjoy in silence...
sensual massages for headache

Tantric massages for headache

by Administrator 24-12-2014
Repeatead headaches? Have you tried to stop the headaches with tantric massages? The massages are presented like wonderful alternatives to fight the headaches, without any doubt it is one of the most common problems that people have been suffering since some years. There are truly simple techniques...
Oils erotic massages

The best oils for erotic massages

by Administrator 17-12-2014
The great relaxation that offers the erotic massages will not the same without using oils apt for that, and it is that oils for women have a key role for such aim, as they allow the movements to be less painful, more pleasant and slipping, making it easier in this way the job of the erotic masseuse or...
Tantric massage and lingam massage

Lingam massage and tantric massage

by Administrator 10-12-2014
Even though many people can think that the tantric massage and the lingam massage are not exactly the same. There is a little difference between both concepts, which are very related each other. When it makes reference to a tantric massage it makes reference to those massages which are focused on stimulating...
sensual massages

Sensitive and sensual massages, on the eyes too

by Administrator 03-12-2014
Who says that the massages are only apt for the back, neck and shoulders? The massages can be performed in any part of the body, even the eyes. The massages over the eyes result truly beneficial, as they allow to offer the same well-being and satisfaction than any other massage. The great stress level...
erotic masseuse

What is an erotic masseuse?

by Administrator 26-11-2014
Erotic masseuse? What is it? Many are there men and women who still have doubts about the work that an escort does, it is precisely why it results interesting to know concretely what is sensual massesue. When it is referred to an escort, we are talking about a paid partner. In other words, it makes...
couple massages

Authentic pleasure with couples massages

by Administrator 27-10-2014
The feasts of sex has become a trend in the last few years, the feasts of sex have become in the latest, and it is not strange, as this type of feasts include the partner-swapping as well as sex orgies. In a world where more and more men and women have a much more liberal and opened mentality, in a world...
Choose erotic massage

How to choose an erotic massage center

by Administrator 15-10-2014
Have you decided to enjoy a delicious and pleasant erotic massage? If it is, the essential thing is to know that an agency of erotic massages is the proper agency, a massage center which offers you the maximum guarantees at all times. First, it will be important to inform about the reputation of the...
Eortic massage London

The most sensual erotic massages in London

by Administrator 07-10-2014
London is one of the most interesting, animated and attractive cities of whole Europe, a city which is full of charm which conquers to all those who decide to visit the city of London. London has everything what a tourist or a traveller needs. London has a long list of famous streets of great recognition...
Erotic massages in Barcelona

Erotic massages in Barcelona

by Administrator 23-07-2014
Are you in Barcelona or are you going to visit to city soon? Have you thought about enjoying a relaxing and exclusive erotic massage in Barcelona? In your agency of sensitive massages in Barcelona you could enjoy a wonderful massage at home in your hotel room without any extra cost, more and more...
Erotic massages in Ibiza

Erotic massages in Ibiza

by Administrator 23-07-2014
Ibiza is pleasure, fun and relaxation, and it is something that is very well-known by the lovers of the erotic massages, a service which is offered in your hotel room, a unique and stimulating opportunity to know the true pleasure of the erotic massage from the hand of authentic professionals in the...
Erotic Massage in Madrid

Erotic massages in Madrid

by Administrator 23-07-2014
Madrid is presented like a wonderful city to be able to enjoy the services of erotic massages in hotel, and your massage agency in Madrid will be in charge of providing at your reach beautiful and young erotic masseuses who are willing to please you with their wide and their many knowledge in the different...
Erotic Massages in Marbella

Erotic Massages in Marbella

by Administrator 23-07-2014
Marbella is hot, beach, relaxation, luxury and fun. And it is precisely luxury, relaxation and fun what your agency of erotic massages offers you in Marbella. The erotic massages in the city of Marbella have gained more adherents in the last few days, and it is not strange, as this luxury service offers...
Erotic Massages in Valencia

Erotic massage in Valencia

by Administrator 23-07-2014
Are you visiting Valencia? Are you lodged in one of the hotels in the city? Both for businesses or even for leisure, your in visit Valencia can become in fascinating, unforgettable and pleasant experience. The erotic massages in Valencia will allow you to live some moments of authentic pleasure, relaxation...

Men’s Sensual fantasies

by Administrator 14-07-2014
Men fantasize constantly about sensuality, and it is that for men sensuality is a very important part of their life. So any woman who is looking for surprise and seduce a man in the bed, she should start which his sensual fantasies are. Having sensual fantasies is something completely habitual, common...

Erotic luxury massage in hotel

by Administrator 13-07-2014
Luxury, exclusivity, sophistication and relaxation what they offer to you in your erotic massage agency, and it is that, who has never dreamed with receiving in your hotel room a beautiful erotic masseuse who offers the possibility of enjoying a dreamed massage and being surrounded by the arms and body...

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