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Spain is a must-go Europe destination and has always been for years. From the delightful views to the multicultural people there is a lot to see, learn enjoy and take home with you at the end of your vacation. However, when it comes to one of the world’s leading destinations, the problem might not be as to what to do but where to sleep. There are thousands of apps with ratings of different hotels and hostels, but how do you select from which region? Facing which direction? Or rather how much am I willing to spend? We have been the erotic massage agency with the best reputation in Marbella for years, and that has given us quite a good knowledge over the best hotels in the area, and we have made our list for you. Let’s see our options, shall we?

Hotel Claude

Looking for a historical center with the 17th century feel? This is the place to be at. With luxurious seven bedrooms in this villa, this is the perfect family retreat for the holidays in Marbella, with a wellness center just a walk away, and get a getaway in the perfect paradise.  This is a highly rated homey hotel with a perfect rating of 9.7 of 10. All this for a mere 189 Euros per night.

The Occidental Estepona Thalasso Spa

This is the perfect place for people seeking to get away from almost everyone. Being a strictly adult only hotel, it makes it the ideal place for couples or newlyweds. The perfect place to enjoy a couple massage in Marbella. This particular holding is the host to 93 rooms just a few kilometers from Marbella city. The charming bit about this is the outdoor swimming pool that is quite a hotspot for this haven.  With features as such, this place is rated a perfect 10 of 10 with a low rate price of 72 Euros per night!

Casa la Concha

Fancy a bit of privacy during the holidays? Then this is the place to be. This chic boutique is a graceful blend of fauna and flora gardens; this overlooks the Marbella and Mediterranean, perfect for a romantic vacation or a honeymoon or even a wedding weekend. You can rent out the entire cottage to yourself or all of the five luxury cottages. This goes for 125 Euros for five rooms, and you will surely not regret this hideaway.

Casa de las Mercedes

Nothing beats time spent with family! And this 18th-century townhouse is a charming little hideout for the family. This is designed with a courtyard oozes of traditionally tiled floors. Enjoy homey furniture and reasonable price at this Malaga estate for an authentic Marbella holiday experience. This homestead has a steady rating of 7 of 10, with a pocket-friendly budget of 58 Euros per night.

Villa Padierna Palace

The favourite among our erotic male masseurs in Marbella. Looking for quite literally a presidential option, then choose Villa Padierna Palace. This place has even hosted the First Lady of USA, Mitchelle Obama, in 2010. This pink palace has all to offer, from tennis courts to fancy swimming pools and a lavish thermae spa. All this is located next to a beach club at your beck and call. This has an outstanding rate of 9 of 10 with a charge of 221 Euros per night. Enjoy!