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The great relaxation that offers the erotic massages will not the same without using oils apt for that, and it is that oils for women have a key role for such aim, as they allow the movements to be less painful, more pleasant and slipping, making it easier in this way the job of the erotic masseuse or male masseur.

The essential oils result truly benefits for the skin, as well as for the health in general. Here you will find the 10 best essential oils to offer delicious, pleasant and exciting erotic massages to your couple.

• Almond: It has a high content of essential fatty oils, as well as proteins, nutrients, minerals and vitamins A and E.

• Lemon balm: It is an excellent sedative, besides a relaxing tonic that helps to eliminate the nervousness and accumulated anxiety in the organism.

• Aloe Vera: The hydrant oil performed with aloe vera allows to keep an elastic and soft skin, as well as to regulate the humidity of the skin.

• Chamomile: It is usually used to treat muscular problems produced by bad positions or the practice of intense exercise. It also fights against the anxiety and insomnia.

• Lavender: It results very beneficial, as it is healing, sedative and antiseptic. It reduces the hypertension, treat the rheumatic pains, the insects’ bites, as well as the wounds.

• Lemon: It relaxes and releases the bad energies.

• Eucalyptus: It allows to relax the skin of the body and the face. It is also used for arthritis, rheumatism and muscular problems.

• Juniper: It helps to stimulate the circulatory system and it offers firmness to the breast due to its toning effect.

• Sandalwood: It hydrates the skin, eliminating the dryness of it.

• Orchid: It results truly relaxing and moisturizing.

The erotic massages wouldn’t be the same the same if it weren’t used the essential oils like the aforementioned, which will comfort the body and mind due to its relaxing and sedative beneficial properties. To live a unique experience, the proper thing is not to forget the oils for massages at the moment of enjoying a massage, either a massage applied in your own home or in your erotic massage center.

The magic that the essential oils for the massages not only will relax body and mind, but which will nourish and hydrate the surface of the skin. The descongestive, relaxing and toning virtues. The potential of the essential oils is really surprising, especially those performed with medicinal plants as they will provide great benefits for the health.