beautiful woman in lingerie standing near a wall

The massages are to enjoy, they are to take advantage of them at the maximum, and without any doubts it happens the same with the erotic massages offered by male masseurs or erotic masseuses. In the erotic massages you could ejaculate if you want, you could have an erection, you could enjoy in silence or enjoy groaning, you could be relaxed, excited, hot, nervous, quiet, or scared. In you erotic massage session you could find a moment of peace, relaxation and well-being.

Everything is allowed in your erotic massages, provided that the established limits are respect. It is your moment, so take advantage of it to improve your well-being. The receptor of an erotic massage he/she has the possibility of discovering, knowing and submerging in the new ways of the sexuality that show you this type of massages. Forget the falses expectatives. Sex can go much far beyond of what you imagine, the feelings can be felt in a different way.

During your erotic massage session, it is recommendable that breaths slow and deeply, as due to a calm and slow breathing, all the attention will come back to your body again. Express your sensations and feelings, offer some clear signs to your erotic masseuse or even male masseur. An erotic massage is perfect to release your most internal and deepest emotions and feelings, letting your body to implode with excitement.

The ideal thing is to get that all the pleasure expands through all your body up to achieving levels of maximum plenitude. Do you want to ejaculate during your massage or not? Do you want a quiet and relaxed end? It is your massage, it is your moment, so the key is in achieving the higher relaxation and for that, nothing better than indicating to your erotic masseuse which your needs are in each moment what you want. A caress, a hug, or simply that they rum massaging your body from up and down, you choose! The physical contact during the massage is capable of stimulating the sexual energy.

Take advantage of your massage, feel and enjoy your massage as much as you can. Offer to your masseuse the clear signs so that she can know what you need and wish at each moment to be fully satisfied on your inside and outside. Mixing the Tantra with the eroticism is the best formula to offer the art of the massage to men (or to women) who are looking for to enjoy sublime, different and unique experiences, either at home, in your massage center or hotel room.