Art Massage Agency, a luxurious tantric massage Mexico agency. We have created a massage menu very sensual and erotic to give you an opportunity to feel pleasure and different types of orgasms. You can choose topless nuru massage or naked erotic massage and a variaty of intensity, you could book the best tantric therapy according to your desires.

Incense, natural oil, cares, candles, exciting and smooth sensations.

Enjoy any of our erotic massages Mallorca in your hotel room and enjoy the higher comfort and intimacy that you can imagine. Our team of erotic masseuses Valencia will go to your hotel room 24/7 to offer you the most exclusive and luxury massage service.


It is not an erotic massage; it is a therapeutic massage that is performed on a stretcher in the massage center of your city. Due to this massage, our masseuses will decontracturate the muscles of the whole body from up to down, as well as to release all the accumulated tension. The masseuse will be dressed.

1 hour: 150€


It is about a high intensity massage which includes really erotic oriental techniques like tantric postures, Thai with feet and legs or the body to body with the masseuse. It is allow the interaction with the sex masseuse Ibiza. It includes the lingam massage and prostatic massage (optional).

45 minutes: 200€ / 1 hour: 250€

90 minutes: 350€ / 2 hours: 450€


In this happy ending  massage Hong Kong all the sensations will be multiplied by four since you will have two masseurs for you. You will feel four hands and two bodies on your body. You will enjoy this sensation like you have never enjoyed it before.

45 minutes: 400€ / 1 hour: 500€

90 minutes: 700€


It is a massage that offer tantric postures and a body to body massage Hong Kong with the masseuse. The delight tantric massage is a purely receptor massage, so it is not allowed to interact with the erotic masseuse Bilbao.  Through their hands, the masseuse will transmit you relaxation and well-being. It it includes the lingam massage.

1 hour: 200€ / 90 minutes: 250€


It is the most exclusive massage of our agency, a nuru massage Valencia of great intensity that will allow you to feel the body completely naked of the masseuse. This tantra massage Mexico offers you the possibility of enjoying all the techniques described, including the especial shower. This exclusive and luxury massage ends with a lingam massage and a prostatic massage (optional).

45 minutes: 220€* / 1 hour: 300€

90 minutes: 425€ / 2 hours: 550€

* Special Shower not included


Discovering new horizons and new feelings together with the couple is possible with our massages, as in our agency offers you the possibility of enjoying all the erotic massages by male masseurs Hong Kong of our catalogue with your couple to enjoy a unique experience which will remain in the memory. We dominate all the tantric techniques; therefore, we assure you will live a dreamed experience together with the person you love.

1 Masseuse/Masseur – 1 hour: 250€ (Topless) / 90 minutes: 350€ (Topless)

2 Masseuses/Masseurs – 1 hour: 500€ (Topless) / 90 minutes: 700€ (Topless)


Art Massage Agency offer you luxury and exclusive services which you could not enjoy in any other place like in our agency:


Our male masseurs Bilbao are truly experts in the art of the erotic and sensual massage performed to men. Due to the wide experience of our male masseurs Sydney you could feel a unique pleasure that only a man can provide during the massage session. It includes the technique of the tantric massage.


The erotic shower is an exclusive service in which you could enjoy before enjoying one of the tantric massages of our catalogue. The especial shower together with one of our masseuse will provide you soft caresses under the water through all your body producing unbeatable feelings. It is not allow the interaction with the tantric masseuse.

Price: 50€*

*It doesn’t take time from the massage


All the erotic massages for women are carried out by any of the male masseurs or female masseuses. All the massages include a Yoni Massage Mallorca, a tantric exerience for women and an ancient mystic secret of pleasure.

Massage Hotel, premium erotic massage services

Our agency, which is always willing to please you, offers the possibility of personalising your massage with that fantasy that you want to fulfil. You will only have to indicate it at the moment of booking the massage. Our beautiful erotic masseuses will get your full satisfaction. Feel the sensuality and the eroticism without moving to any place, and always in the strictest intimacy.

It is recommended to book your nuru massage in advance to guarantee the availability of our tantra masseuses. All the telephone calls will be answered from 10.00 am up to 12.00 pm. From the 11.00 pm the Express Relax Massage will not be performed. Our massages are the final end of a long day of business or tourism.

All the erotic massages of our agency includes “happy end”, it means a yoni massage or a lingam massage, it is allowed to ejaculate if you want.

Ready to enjoy one of the best sensorial experiences in your life?

Feel free to contact us at any time, we will take care of everything to make your erotic massage session perfect.