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45 minutes: 200€

1 hour: 250€

90 minutes: 300€

2 hours: 350€


45 minutes: 250€

1 hour: 300€

90 minutes: 350€

2 hours: 400€


45 minutes: 200€

1 hour: 250€

90 minutes: 300€

2 hours: 350€


1 hour: 350€

90 minutes: 400€

2 hours: 500€


1 Masseuse / 1 hour: 350€

1 Masseuse / 90 minutes: 400€

2 Masseuses / 1 hour: 600€

2 Masseuses / 90 minutes: 800€


45 minutes: 500€

1 hour: 600€

90 minutes: 800€

Erotic massages in Malaga are one of the best experiences you can enjoy. The sensation of pleasure and well-being they produce are ideal both to awaken sexual excitement and to reduce anxiety and stress problems. A massage that also has its therapeutic connotations.

luxury tantric massage service is a perfect opportunity for all those who want to experience the sensation they produce. Massages that can be carried out in the hotel or at home and that are directed by professionals of great experience and with the best knowledge.

Luxury Tantric Massages in your hotel room

Erotic massages are perfectly adapted to the needs and tastes of any person. Here you can perform lingam massages for men or yoni massages for women, two varieties of massages that will awaken all the senses and lead the massaged to live a pleasure and an intense sensuality.

But, at the same time, it is possible to perform massages in pairs so that one and the other can live the experience together, or gay massages man to man with male masseurs.

To all this we must add the interactive erotic massages in which you can participate in the massage or body to body massages, in which the masseuses not only use their hands but also their body to cause a greater sense of pleasure.

The ideal of this type of massage is that they are especially suitable for all types of people. The main objective is to try to encourage pleasure and increase relaxation. Hence, these erotic massages in Malaga are of great importance and have so many benefits for both sexual health and general health.

The best tantra masseuses

The team of erotic female masseuses in Malaga is one of the most specialized for this type of massage. Not in vain, they know perfectly all the secrets and the best techniques to awaken pleasure and sexual excitement among the massaged.

Our erotic masseuses have up to three levels of training and range from the most initiated to all masseuses capable of giving courses and workshops of tantric massage to others. Workshops that, precisely, can be attended to learn a little more about this type of activity so beneficial.

Tantric masseurs in Malaga are available 24 hours a day by appointment. They can perform massages at the agency, in a hotel or at home. In this way, they can be easily adapted to the requirements of the clients, with complete freedom of time.

It is precisely the client who indicates the degree of eroticism and sensuality desired in your massage. The most important thing in this case is that the massage feels completely comfortable and comfortable during the duration of the session. Our professional erotic masseurs have the necessary experience and training to do so.

All of the above can only be translated into an exclusive service of sensual massages in luxury Malaga. A unique and different experience to enjoy the pleasure and relaxation produced by this activity. Just let yourself be carried away and give advice to see which is the massage that best suits the needs of each.

Erotic massages in Malaga have all the strength and energy of Tantra. A discipline that combines the physical with the spiritual to provide all the benefits through the hands and body of the best tantric masseuses. An experience that can change anyone’s life once they experience it.

Online Tantra Courses

Just like our masseuses, you can do Tantra workshops online, at home, with your partner or individually. Our erotic masseuses have been trained in the tantric school of master Gerard Ribó, at for more information about courses or the tantric massage therapies he offers.

Tantric Massage Job in Malaga

If you want to work as erotic masseuse, here you have info about tantra recruitment for erotic massage job in malaga.

Ready to enjoy one of the best sensorial experiences in your life?

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