Outcall Massage Madrid, Relax and Welness

Madrid has been one of the world’s leading holiday vacations with numerous tourist attractions all over the city. But as a tourist, many will opt for historical sightings rather than the outsides. There is more to Madrid other than the charming people and amazing architecture, and this may come as a surprise! The outdoors! I know, the secret is out! How often do you actually notice the outdoors, how keen are you about it? Have you ever taken just a moment to enjoy the fresh air and the green landscapes? Well, there are many ways to do this; here are a few to consider.


Running in Madrid is a common facto, and one of the most uniting. It doesn’t matter where you go; there is always a jogger out there. And Madrid is one place that will never run out of places, all sorts of puns intended.  So why not explore the sunrise horizon of the Madrid landscape? Why not jog around into the peaceful abyss that is nature? Enjoy the best that Madrid has to offer in any of these places; El Retiro Park, Juan Carlos I park, Templo Debod, Casa de Campo Park, Parque del oeste and Madrid Rio.


Cruise around on roller skates in the scenic isles of the city. Add an edge to your roams by riding along with the locals at some of the best places you could find in the world! Additionally, you get the option of outdoor and indoor skating. There are numerous skating parks in Madrid with El retiro being one of the biggest, and some of our erotic masseuses in Madrid are regular skaters there . Stay safe while it.



Sometimes you just want to experience a bunch of different traditions in between others. So why not have a twist of all, keep in touch with your taichi practices. Or if you have never practiced it, why not start here. This is just a gateway to numerous of other traditions from other nationalities. It’s all about the fun!


Wanna cover the city scopes in the cheapest and in the ‘long run’, the healthiest solution? Cycle around. Many people think they can never really see it all. Well, that’s kind of true if you are cabbing around. Cycling around not only reveals the hidden cute cafes and canteens that define the city, you have a background of beautiful sceneries for the memories. Enjoy!

Erotic massages

A holiday is all about relaxation, whichever way it comes. It’s both the destination and the journey, and nothing can achieve this faster than an erotic massage in Madrid. Have it done the Spanish way, to the tune of a Spanish guitar playing in the background. Relax to the soothing touch of your masseuse and perfection itself as your muscles relax to a point you never knew you could! Just lay back and let it all sink in, and f you’re lucky, you might get an extra treat.


Music is in all of us, and rhythm is our world anthem. All I can say in this case, don’t leave the Retiro Park in Madrid without a seen a session of capoeira.