Outcall Massage in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Mallorca

Erotic massage is different from normal massage because of its area of focus. An Erotic masseuse works on different parts of the body to trigger sexual excitation. Outcall massage is usually performed for pleasure and can help treat various sexual health problems you might have. With tantric massage, you feel sexually aroused when your skin is stimulated. The skin being the largest organ on your body has thousands of nerve endings which are stimulated by touch.

Here are seven tips for your first erotic massage:

–  The right setting

It’s possible to do outcall massage in any quiet and private setting. However, its goo to enhance the mood with some candles and incense. Lighting some candles and some erotic incense should help you create the perfect ambiance for a tantric massage. Alternatively, have some lavender oil hitting in a burner.

–  Music

Some smooth flowing music should help create the right mood for an erotic massage. You should be able to get soothing spa music CDs and play them continually. This is to ensure you don’t have to tell the male masseur for women to stop so you turn on the music.

–  Lime and lots of patience

An erotic masseuse rarely makes it a speedy process. You need at least a couple of hours and lots of patience to build up the pleasure that will leave you speechless. It doesn’t matter if you are having couple massage or not. It takes a long time and lots of patience to get pleasure from a tantric massage. After all, it should be a slow process that builds into sexual desire you can’t just control.

–  Plenty of oil

When it comes to the ingredients of outcall massage, this should be the first. You may use any kind of oil including avocado, coconut, almond, sunflower, sesame, mustard or borage. Mixed oil is also capable of making erotic masseuse work easily. Ensure you have it warming in a bowl of warm water to give you a pleasurable sensation. Have it close to you all the time so you have a smooth and lubricated massage.

Male Masseur for Women

–  Maintaining the connection

During an erotic massage, it’s important that contact is maintained at all times. A deliberate effort should be made by the male masseur for women to focus on other body areas to make you relax. Once you are into a meditative state, you can have heightened sensation of every touch on your erogenous zones. An erotic masseuse usually ensures they keep contact with your skin at all times.

–  Know the erogenous zones

It’s the gentle caressing the erogenous zones that make erotic massage the ultimate experience. These areas are rarely touched during a normal massage. They include the inner thighs, pelvis, chest, and extreme lower back. During outcall massage, it’s these areas that make you feel a heightened level of pleasure. You can be sure to get over the edge over and over again.

–  Have smooth nails

If you are out to have a couple massage, ensure your nails don’t have rough edges. After all, you don’t want to bring to naught your efforts to please each other, do you?

Well, you can now go on and have a great erotic massage for the first time.