How to have the best erotic massage experience

A sensual massage is basically a good way to relax your body and calm your mind but an erotic massage goes beyond that. An erotic massage is a great way to connect with the other party emotionally and physically while incorporating some elements of foreplay. An erotic massage is an intimate form of touch and as such is a great way to communicate with your significant other. It is important to choose an appropriate place and arrange a suitable environment to help add to the whole experience of the massage.

Atmosphere for the sensual massage

Ensure the area is free of anything that can take away from the erotic massage experience such as drafts or clutter. Ensure there are no other people around to interrupt and that the radio and TV are off. The choice to enhance the general ambience of the room with lighting, incense, or music is up to you. If you decide to put on some music, consider that it should encourage a serene atmosphere so that all the attention is directed towards the sensations felt through the body during the yoni massage. If you have incense in the room, it should be light and pure. The lighting in the room should be sufficient for the person conducting the massage to see what they are doing clearly.

Necessities for a body to body massage

To get the full effect of an erotic massage requires you to set the proper mood for the massage. The room should be warm considering your partner will be semi-nude or entirely nude. Light some candles and dim the lights, as harsh lights could be an unwelcome distraction during the massage. Tea light candles or fairy lights would be splendid.

Massage lotion- a slippery lotion or oil is an essential part of an erotic massage, as it allows your hands to glide across the body leaving the skin nourished and smooth.

Massage candles – there are various erotic candle flavors like cherry, strawberry, and vanilla. Massage candles can add some ceremony and set the mood for a sensual massage.

Massage accessories- hot massage packs, massage rocks, massagers are some tools that can make erotic massages easier even for beginners.

Energy exchange

This is another important element of an erotic massage and a good one at that. Close your eyes while moving your hands over the other’s back gently. Feel the movement of your hands on their body. Visualize positive energy flowing into your lover’s body through your hands. This will generate a powerful connection resulting in sensual bliss.

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