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Erotic masseuse? What is it? Many are there men and women who still have doubts about the work that an escort does, it is precisely why it results interesting to know concretely what is sensual massesue. When it is referred to an escort, we are talking about a paid partner.

In other words, it makes reference to a woman to whom a client (generally men) pays an arranged amount of money to go with him to parties, feasts, meetings, events or travels to other cities, among many other alternatives. It must be highlighted that the hiring of an escort can include or not sex with the client.

Unfortunately, this aspect usually gives place to many mistakes and problems, as in some occasions the erotic masseuses of an erotic massage center of first level are confused with escorts. It must be highlighted that the escorts and erotic masseuses are not the same. The erotic masseuses will never have sexual relations with those men or women who go there to enjoy a sensual massage, while the escorts in determined cases can have sex with the clients.

Generally, men who hire this type of services are looking for to feel the sensation of superiority when being accompanied by a beautiful, charming and funny woman with class, besides, with a high study level and an unbeatable presence. The escorts were born in Japan, where the boom of this phenomenon was really surprising. Many are the Japanese women who get hundreds of dollars to accompany men to glamourous shops where they can enjoy a delicious evening. It can be said that it is about the last version, the most modern version of the known and traditional geisha.

They are also known as company girls and men who hire the services of these women are not looking for to have a sexual meeting, but it goes beyond the physical contact. These men in many occasions look for the intimacy or the time of conversation who could find in a couple. It can be said that they are paying for a representation of an idea of couple, so it can be assured that the physical contact is not the most important of this service.

When you go to your massage center, remember that you will put yourself on the hands of an erotic masseuse not of an escort, so it must be taken into account that the sexual relations, either orals or vaginal relations will not be not performed.