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London is one of the most interesting, animated and attractive cities of whole Europe, a city which is full of charm which conquers to all those who decide to visit the city of London. London has everything what a tourist or a traveller needs. London has a long list of famous streets of great recognition at worldwide level, emblematical streets which worth to be visited.

First, it deserves an especial mention Oxford Street, the street per excellence for going shopping in the city of London. The wide offer to buy, as well as enjoying leisure and entertainment is incomparable in this street. In Oxford Street you could find all that you can need, from the shops with the latest in the international fashion up to the possibility of receiving a sensual erotic massage from the hands of a professional masseuse. From small and antique stores to big shops, the lovers of the shopping must not miss no this famous and touristic street.

In second place, it must be mentioned Covent Garden, an exquisite commercial area which is full of all kinds of shops with countless of products. In this street you can find the famous central market, full of countless of shops of souvenirs, handcrafts, fashion, cafes, restaurants, street shows, and much more. Regent Street, together with Oxford Street, is presented like one of the most animated commercial streets of the city, a street of great fame as it is placed in it the famous shops of Libery, Café Royal or Hamely’s. It has a countless of jewels as well as boutiques of fashion.

Bond Street is one of the streets which must not forget in your agenda of visits, as in it the luxury and exclusivity are more than remarkable. The high standing stores which are part of this street, as well as the most luxury houses of the city are in Bond Street. Chanel or Versace are just some of the brands that can be found in it. And what about Portobello Road? It is famous for the famous film Notting Hill, Portobello Road is famous for its peculiar and famous small market, protagonist in countless of films.

And, finally, but not less important, it must be highlighted Knightsbridge, where it is placed the famous Harrods’s stores, as well as the famous Harvey Nichols stores, so this area is perfect to enjoy an intense journey of shopping. Boutiques, stores, restaurants, first class erotic massages to relax after a day of shopping, and it is without any doubt an obliged visit.