Outcall Massage Madrid and Sensual Masseuses

No matter what profession you belong to, you tend to have a particular dress code or uniform to make you stand out, of the crowd. What about our masseuses? Well we believe in the ultimate added beauty of high fashion lingerie.

Lingerie adds that extra edge and excitement to the overall experience of getting an erotic massage. After all, you are getting an erotic massage in Madrid; it needs to be erotic from the whole setting to what your masseuse wears.

It works wonders over the clients who call for outcall massages, as our erotic masseuses walk in all dressed up and ready for what is going to go down. It does not only works for the client but our masseuses tell us that they also love to wear high end lingerie as it adds more to the pleasure receiving factor from what they do.

So let’s see what 5 types of items make to their hands down favorites…



You must be wondering why we jumped ship from lingerie to hells? Well what most of you might not know is that heels are a very essential part of your lingerie. Not only does a pair of good heels complete your whole look but in order to add that fierceness which is required to turn on a man is what comes with heels.

Lingerie types for Sexy Girls


No wonder people are diagnosed with fetishes involving stockings because hosiery is quite stimulating. A nice pair of fish net black stockings will make your legs beautifully sexy and won’t let them go unnoticed.

Seductive and simple

Unlike a more physical experience, erotic massages don’t require  our erotic masseuses to take their lingerie off, yet still they say that keeping it simple yet seductive works in their favor as any lingerie piece which has too much going on with its design keeps the client captivated on our dresses rather than relaxing and enjoying the massage.

Black lingerie

Black has always been the most attractive and formal color of all. It is slimming and elegant on the body and men find it appropriately sexy. So black lingerie is a must have basic for sure.

Bras for Girls

Less is more

A beautiful bralette that hides what is supposed to be hidden and shows what is supposed to be shown is just the most appropriate to have when dressing up as an erotic masseuse.

Push it up

Men like cleavage pop on the first sight and women’s best assets are what the right bra showcases. Pushup bras give that right push and sight to see for our clients.



Things don’t end on bras. After all there is a reason we call it “a pair of matching bra and panty” because it is the combo of both that seals the deal.


Sheer Satin and Lace

It is very important to pay attention to the lingerie’s material as the masseuse needs to feel comfortable in what she is wearing as well as look sexy and appealing, therefore sheer satin and lace top the list when choosing lingerie material.

So as you guys read above, these were the top picks of our masseuses in order to look erotic for their clients. You can also use this list in your own bedroom for that extra added effect your bedroom life would need.