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Tantric massages, in general, are those which are the most sensible and where sensuality intervenes in a more marked way; they are usually offered on the whole body although there are also some others that are offered in a determined especially erogenous area with the aim of stimulating it and achieving higher pleasures. The tantric masseuse has wide knowledge about these massages, as well as of the most prone body areas for those. The tantric masseuse/male masseur not only is an expert of the tantric massages, he or she is a someone who recognises very well in his/her sensuality and he/she uses it in favour of potentiating the sexual drive, what makes it even more sensible erogenous areas of the body.

When the tantric massages are interactive it is referred that it is possible to keep an active contact with the tantric masseuse, that is, el receptor can directly interact with the pretty girl, although without exceeding some pre-established limits. Just as an erotic masseuse, this professional does not offer sexual services like the offered by the escorts deluxe.Interactive body to body massage This is the interactive massage par excellence; this is the most offered massage by the tantric masseuse as it allows higher interaction with the receptor. This is a massage that is done with both naked bodies, where almost all parts of the body intervene.

The interactivity achieves even higher feelings, as being able to participate in a deeper way is a natural stimulant. Besides the body to body massage, there are other sensible massages, the ones which in combination with the body to body they achieve authentic brilliant ideas. Specific massages of Art Massage Massage Tantra Delight: It is one massage which mixes the tantric postures with a body to body massage, which doesn’t allow the interaction. Through the tantric masseuse’s body it is highlighted the senses. It includes the yoni-lingam massage. Summum Intensity Massage: It can be enjoyed like the Thai massage with the masseuse’s feet and legs or with a complete body to body. This allows the interaction with the girl. It includes the yoni-lingam massage and the prostatic massage is optional for men.

Exclusive Deluxe Massage: It is a massage which includes all the tantric techniques known in the massages, besides it offers to do it in an erotic shower. It includes the same things as the previous ones. It also allows to interact with the pretty woman. The interactive tantric massages are always a great option for the man or woman who wants a plus of exclusivity. It is a complement which can’t be obliged to do, as many people will simply prefer to let be seized by the tantric masseuse’s expert hands and body.

Our entire masseuse can go up to any part of the city; it doesn’t matter if it is at home, in a hotel room or a massage center. The great aim of the tantric masseuse is to make the person feel relaxation and well-being.